Technical programme of the DLG-Feldtage

Main thematic areas at a glance – including experience sharing and knowledge transfer

Machinery demonstrations

“Powerful and exact for precision farming” – agricultural machinery and equipment displayed their skills in practical comparisons twice a day throughout the event!  more...

European cropping comparisons for winter wheat

Which variant in the competition achieved the highest performance free of direct costs? You could learn about the cultivation philosophies of the 11 teams and draw conclusions by analogy for your own production.  more...

Expert forums Forum 1: (GB62) Forum 2: (GE206)

Topical issues were on the agenda at hourly intervals on the three days of the event.  Around 100 experts from practical farming, business, academia and consultancy and extension services expressed their views on current production-specific and agribusiness questions. The lectures were hold in German only!

Special Drones

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), their fields of application in agriculture and the legal frameworks at this Information Center.    more...

Plant Protection Information Center

Plant protection should be effective and sustainable. Here you could find out more about water pollution control, sowing dressed seed, and measures to promote biodiversity, above all for pollinating insects.

12. Field Robot Event (FRE) (GA09)

Teams from all over the world brouught their field robots to compete with each other in five disciplines. You could watch exciting competitions, teams testing and tinkering with their robots, and discuss questions with experts at the Robot-Talks.   more...