Field Robot Event (FRE) of the University of Hohenheim at the DLG -Feldtage

Field Robot Event

The FRE is an annual competition in which international student teams with their field robots compete to achieve the best results in the field. The competition was launched in 2003 by the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. The aim is to test forward-looking technologies in the field of robotics and precision farming under real conditions in the field and to provide young scientists with the possibility of exchanging ideas and experience within the international group of participants and developing their ideas further.
Onlookers are welcome at all times. They can watch the teams putting together and testing their robots, gather information in the joint tent with the help of posters explaining the various projects, engage in discussions with experts in the Robot Talks, and of course watch the exiting competitions between the teams.
The event promises to provide a demanding practical test for the robots and their inventers as well as exciting entertainment for the spectators.

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