Exhibitor services 2020

Exclusive offer for exhibitors from May to August 2020

From May to August 2020, DLG-Feldtage digital will be providing you with information about topics, trends and new products and services in crop production at www.dlg-feldtage.de. Make use of this attractive platform, the compact professional overview and the communication network to present your products and services at the meeting point for crop professionals in the Internet.

Video clip in the exhibitor database (free of charge)

Inform your visitors about the latest products and services that you intend to present at DLG-Feldtage.

Detailed contact data in the exhibitor entry (free of charge)
Add your contact persons: regional, national, international and product-specific. This will enable your customers to specifically contact you.

Harms Mentzel
Tel. +49 69 24788-478

Publication of video clips in the 'Theme routes" rubric (free of charge)
On the website, the digital content is clustered according to theme routes from the field of crop production. This offers visitors to the digital platform optimum orientation amidst the wealth of information and exhibitors.

The following theme routes are planned (as in nomenclature):

  • Plant breeding
  • Crop nutrition
  • Crop protection
  • Crop production
  • Agriculture and environment
  • Management and consulting
  • Electronics and mechanics
  • Machines and implements
  • Machine demonstrations
  • Agricultural organisations
  • Science and research

Two videos per exhibitor can be submitted for the theme routes. Please preferably send us YouTube links to the corresponding videos by e-mail or forward the video files to us using WeTransfer and let us know the theme routes under which the videos are to appear. One video can include two themes and can therefore be published on two routes.

  • The video for the exhibitor database and the theme routes can be identical.
  • If you have not assigned your video to a theme route, it will be assigned to the nomenclature point specified on registration.

Julia Schmidt
Tel. +49 69 24788-285

Submission of pre-produced clips (free of charge)

  • In your video clips, make use of the opportunity to show the applications, varieties and machines that you want to present at the event.
  • Which highlight would have awaited visitors at your stand?
  • Use the stand sketches and the trial field area plans, for example, to show the concept that you have thought out for your stand.
  • Use existing film and image material.

Production of video clips at the DLG-Feldtage exhibition site (own film team)

  • It is basically possible to shoot with your own film team at the site in Erwitte.
  • Talk to the DLG-Feldtage team. Costs may possibly be incurred due to additional support by the DLG-Feldtage team.

Production of video clips at the DLG-Feldtage exhibition site (DLG film team)

  • The DLG film team can also be booked to produce your videos. We will be happy to draw up an individual offer for you.
  • Estimated costs per clip: 1,095.00 euros (with at least three bookings).
  • Individual offer on request.

Julia Schmidt
Tel. +49 69 24788-285

Publication of video or photo posts on Facebook – Twitter – Instagram (free of charge)
Benefit from DLG's extensive community network on social media. Address our followers directly.
The following formats are available:

  • Facebook post (video, photo)
  • Facebook story
  • Instagram post
  • Instagram story
  • Twitter post

Specify the account to which the link is to be set up. Give us the names of at least two hashtags of relevance to you. When providing the content, please pay attention to the different formats.

Julia Schmidt
Tel. +49 69 24788-285

'Exhibitors inform the press' (free of charge)

Show your innovations to the trade press: we will present your press releases in the DLG-Feldtage.de news feed and will notify the media about this information via our distribution list. You can also upload press releases as a 'digital press folder' yourself via the exhibitor portal ('Exhibitors inform the press'); these will then be shown in the press area.

Rainer Winter
Tel. +49 69 24788-212

DLG members' newsletter advertorial (weekly)
In the DLG members' newsletter (approx. 20,000 contacts), you can reach a highly attractive target group from the DLG member network each week.

DLG crop production newsletter 'DLG-Feldtage' special advertorial
The next few issues of the DLG crop production newsletter (approx. 130,000 contacts) will be dedicated exclusively to the specialist DLG-Feldtage topics as well as exhibitor products and services.

May (week 19) – May (week 21)
June (week 23) – June (week 25)
July (week 27) – July (week 29)

Information and prices:
Kai-Uwe Busch
Tel. +49 69 24788-483

Banner at www.dlg-feldtage.de/en/

  • Placement of banners at www.dlg.feldtage.de
  • Ad impressions considerably higher than 1 million per banner. Period: until 30 September 2021
  • Possible banner formats: button – vertical – skyscraper

Information and prices:
Harms Mentzel
Tel. +49 69 24788-478

'Innovations' magazine arable farming 2020
The 'Innovations' magazine will be published as an overarching special edition for managers of major, selected arable farms throughout Germany in the July issue of 'top agrar' and also in the June issue of 'DLG-Mitteilungen'. The 'Innovations' magazine will additionally be published as an electronic version on the 'top agrar', 'DLG-Mitteilungen' and DLG-Feldtage websites. Editorially supported advertorials are possible as well as advertisements.

  • 'top agrar': publication date 23 June 2020 (30,000 copies)
  • 'DLG-Mitteilungen': publication date 28 May 2020 (22,000 copies)
  • 3,000 copies to selected agricultural operations

Information and prices
Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster
Susanne Höggemann
Tel. +49 2501 801-1960

Special edition about crop production, seed and fertilisation

  • Distribution to DLG members: 26 May 2020 (26,300 copies)
  • Issue in issue, 'Getreide Magazin' 3/2020:
    publication date 26 May 2020 (45,800 copies)
  • Issue in issue, 'Raps' 3/2020: publication date 17 July 2020 (14,400 copies)

Information and prices:
Kai-Uwe Busch
Tel. +49 69 24788-483


Before the DLG-Feldtage get started, you can present your company as an employer on the DLG-Feldtage website. In addition to a brief profile of the company, you can also specify the occupational areas for which employees are required. Potential applicants can then contact you directly via the website. Click here to see how your entry can look like.

The offer includes:

  • Online employer branding including contact function. Duration until end of 2021
  • Placement of your profile under Exhibitor database
  • Listing in the DLG Career magazine (only with booking by 31 March 2021)

Price: 490 €

Every registered DLG-Feldtage exhibitor can book the offer in the service portal.

Further information:
Nathalie Joest
Tel: +49 69 24788-215

Information about all of our services:
Julia Schmidt
Tel. +49 69 24788-285