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Terms of use

The use or utilization of the logos offered for download is only permitted under the following conditions:

  • Logos may only be used for news reports by publishers and/or journalists, or the user is bindingly admitted as an exhibitor for a future exhibition organised by DLG e.V. at the time of downloading and for the duration of the use of the logo.
  • The user shall use the logo true to the original and without alienating it.
  • If the user is an exhibitor in the above sense, he may use the logo exclusively in connection with the reference to his future participation in an exhibition organised by DLG e.V.
  • The use of the logo or brand name for purposes other than those specified above, in particular for the identification of goods and services of third parties, is prohibited.

Failure to comply with the above provisions will be prosecuted under civil law and - in the event of copyright infringement - also under criminal law.