Exhibitors' Media Entry for paper catalogue and online database

Since February, 19th each exhibitor can check the media entry for paper catalogue and online database in the online Exhibitor Service Portal. They can correct and extend the entry, if needed (company logo, info text etc.).

ALL EXHIBITORS WHO STILL HAVEN'T MADE IT, should do it now: Submission deadline for corrections is March, 31th, 2018. You can open the entry repeatedly, work on up, complete and release.
Even if you would not like to change the entry: Please submit the release clearly by clicking on the green button „Update order“ (down right in the entry form).

PLEASE NOTE: The media basic entry includs one german and one english info text with each 360 characters. There are NO COSTS! We recommend you, to enter your free texts now.
Additional costs will are billed only in case of additional text volume used. However, this will indicated you immediately.

Should you have any questions regarding exhibitor’s media entry and advertisements, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help you: verlag-mediaentry(at)DLG.org.

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