Invitation service and tickets

With a direct approach and personal invitation you can reach the right customers for your stand.
Invite your existing customers, new customers and partners to DLG-Feldtage and use vouchers as effective and inexpensive advertising to draw attention to your stand.

How you benefit from the invitation service

  • You have immediate access to the registered visitor data through an online portal.
  • You will receive your access by email when your order is released.
  • Only used vouchers will be invoiced after the trade fair.

How it works

  • Paper- or e-vouchers are available.
  • All vouchers must be registered online before the start of DLG-Feldtage.
  • Only through a successful online registration, the voucher can be redeemed into a valid e-ticket
  • The ticket registration is to be carried out personally by your customers.

Prices Voucher for one day from 12 – 14/06/18


up to 99 used vouchers: 16 €
as of 100 used vouchers: 15 €
as of 500 used vouchers: 14 €

Paper vouchers

up to 99 used vouchers: 18 €
as of 100 used vouchers: 17 €
as of 500 used vouchers: 16 €

Do you still have any questions?

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