Show Spaces

Trial field

Here you can give visitors a hands-on demonstration of your varieties, inputs and services.

Outdoor Space

This is turf space where you can display your products or set up a marquee. The minimum bookable size is 12 m².

Tent Hall

The tent hall offers an environment that is similar to that of a hall. This option is recommended if you use a prebuilt stand. The minimum bookable stand space is 9 m².

Organic farming DLG-Special

  • Separate display area comprising a trial field and stands on turf as well as on organic plots of land
  • Presentation of long-term organic trial projects
  • ‘Match making’ – traders and processors meet producers
  • Live demonstration of mechanical weeders
  • Forums and discussions on organic farming

The efficient use of slurry and substrate DLG-Special

  • Circular economy –  slurry and substrate as sources of nutrients
  • Processing techniques –  separating slurry and substrate
  • Nutrient analysis –  the first step for an efficient application
  • Avoiding nutrient loss by  using nitrogen stabilisers
  • Technical solutions -  tanks, pumps, and applicators

Machine Demonstrations

These are reserved for manufacturers of agricultural machinery.Give a live demonstration of your machine in  specific applications:


  • Drilling machinery for grain crops
  • Steering and data management systems on tractors
  • Injection machinery and equipment for liquid organic fertilizer
  • Plant protection sprayers – a practical comparison
  • Mineral fertilizer spreaders in practical use
  • Sensor technology for precision farming
  • Mechanical weed control

Product index

The Product index allows you to check whether your product fits with DLG-Feldtage and the most appropriate area for it.

Are you interested as an exhibitor? Please contact us.