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DLG Special Organic Farming

The Special Organic Farming is aimed at all farmers who are interested in topics related to organic farming. This involves everything from cultivation to processing and marketing. Come by and get in touch with various exhibitors and experts from the respective sectors.

Organic trial field

Obtain information about the latest developments in organic farming. Talk to exhibitors from the fields of breeding, organic plant protection and advisory services, for example, or get in touch with various growers' associations

Organic technical programme in the BÖLN tent

The central meeting point offers a comprehensive programme on organic agriculture including expert forums in cooperation with various organisations in the organic sector.

Machine demonstration in the areas of mechanical weed control and shallow tillage

Practical demonstrations of seven harrows and sixteen hoes in the crops sugar beet and spring oats will be run in the immediate vicinity of the Special Organic Farming and commented on by experts (DLG course 1). Numerous implements ranging from the flat cultivator and short disc harrow to the skim plough, rotary cultivator and chain disc harrow will be demonstrated to show the possibilities in shallow tillage in a practical way (demo blocks).

You'll find more information in the machine demonstrations section.

The Special Organic Farming is located in the immediate vicinity of the DLG stand at the North Entrance and in close proximity to the machine demonstrations " Technology for mechanical weed control" and " Flat tillage".

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