Individual exhibitor presentation: “Injection technology for liquid farmyard manure”

Plants need a balanced supply of nutrients for optimal growth. Fertilisation based on best agricultural practice supplies plants with the nutrients they need and ideally maintains and enhances soil fertility. While the most important aspects of the new Fertiliser Ordinance have been largely agreed on, further amendments still need to be expected before everything is “done and dusted”.

However, many farmers and contract farmers are already confronted with the question of how best to set up their businesses with application technology that will prepare them for the future. The aim is to use fertilisers carefully and to minimise nutrient losses in order to reduce nutrient inputs into waterways and other ecosystems. That is why technologies and processes need to be developed and implemented that ensure that plants are adequately supplied with nutrients from farmyard manure as efficiently as possible and with minimal losses. If nutrients are to be delivered to plants with minimal losses, it is only sensible to apply fertiliser as precisely and closely as possible to the plant root, where it can be absorbed most effectively.

This ensures not only “clean” application with better utilisation of active substances but also reduces odour and can therefore achieve substantially better acceptance by the wider population. However, this approach leaves a relatively narrow window of time for applying fertiliser, and technology must therefore deliver sufficient efficacy and match farmers’ local needs. For these reasons, injection technology for liquid farmyard manure is particularly expedient, as it allows liquid manure and fermentation residue to be applied directly to growing crops. This is why the Field Days demonstrations will focus on this type of technology. Both trailing shoe and slot-type injectors will be presented.

The following companies will demonstrate “Injection technology for liquid farmyard manure”:

  • Duport B.V., Dedemsvaart, Netherlands
  • Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH, Mühldorf, Germany
  • Kverneland Group Deutschland GmbH, Soest, Germany
  • Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH, Essen (Oldenburg), Germany