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Meeting Point "Plant Protection"

Booth VJ51

The Industrieverband Agrar e. V. (IVA) is the association of the german agrochemical industry. During the exhibition our professional stand personnel will provide you with information on the sustainable use of crop protection products and biostimulants in agriculture, along with a demonstration of practical examples. We will also show the advantages of using the digital label. An important key technology to make application and documentation in crop protection safer and easier.

Our main topics are:


The issue of insect mortality and declining insect populations have been in the focus for some time. Although there are still many open questions about the role which the agricultural sector and, in particular, the chemical crop protection plays in this context, it is undisputed that farmers can contribute to more biodiversity in the agricultural landscape. We offer demonstrations for appropriate measures like flowering strips, raw soil habitats, dead wood and rock fragment piles. Bird conservation is served by the lark window.

Water protection:

Inputs of pesticides to surface waters must be further reduced. Both closed filling systems as well as continuous inner cleansing of spraying equipment can contribute to this. Practical demonstrations of both systems will be given at our booth. We will also be demonstrating a low-waste system for handling wastewater on the farm.

User safety:

Comprehensive toxicological testing is an essential part of the registration process of plant protection products. Depending on the risk identified, safety measures are defined for the user. This also includes the appropriate protective equipment. We will explain to you which measures have to be observed. We will also show that specific tightly closing tractor cabs also protect the user, making a special protective equipment for skin and eyes in such cabs obsolete.

Come and visit us at our booth VJ51, we will be happy to offer advice!