Technical programme

Main thematic areas at a glance

Machinery demonstrations

“Powerful and exact for precision farming” – agricultural machinery and equipment displayed their skills in practical comparisons twice a day throughout the event!

European cropping comparisons for winter wheat

Which variant in the competition achieved the highest performance free of direct costs? You could learn about the cultivation philosophies of the 11 teams and draw conclusions by analogy for your own production.

Expert forums

Around 100 experts from practical farming, business, academia and consultancy and extension services expressed their views on current production-specific and agribusiness questions.

Your Location. Your crop production.

Guiding theme of DLG-Feldtage 2021.

The technology, farm inputs and location must fit together to successfully structure crop produc-tion. The guiding theme of the dLG-Feldtage offers you as an exhibitor the opportunity to present your possible solutions for individual cultivation conditions while taking the soil, climate and structures into account. Show farmers as decision-makers which solution or strategy exactly matches their location and crop production!

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DLG-Special Organic farming

Comprehensive professional offering for organic farms, farms interested in switching and people interested in organic farming. Obtain information from farming association, breeding, consulting and technology experts about the latest trends and innovations in organic farming.

DLG-Special Slurry & Fermentation Residues

The Special concerning needs-based, efficient and environmentally friendly organic fertilisation. Present your ideas, systems, services and products for the efficient use of slurry & fermentation residues on a specialised platform.

DLG-Special Leguminous Crops

This plant family offers potential for crop rotations and supports soil fertility for crop production that makes sparing use of resources. This Special serves as a point of contact for farmers, consultants and decision-makers to obtain information about the cultivation, management and use of grain legumes.

further technical programme