Focus theme: Remote Sensing

With remote sensing today, it is possible to observe plant populations on large areas in a short time and analyse them for plant care measures.

Thanks to the new Sentinel satellites and drone systems, better and more frequent data is now available. The long experience, the combination of different sensor systems and the corresponding increase in computer power make it possible today to make better statements for practical applications.

This is why more and more service providers can be found who offer information and decision-making aids for farmers via intelligent data processing. Nevertheless, with the abundance of offers, farmers and advisors still have to ask themselves what these technologies really offer in practice:

  • What resolution do the systems offer me?
  • What exactly can I see?
  • What do the pictures and maps tell me?
  • For which measures in soil cultivation or in inventory management are the data helpful?
  • When is the information available for me?
  • Can I combine this data with others?
  • Can the data be read and processed by other systems?

We want to answer these questions at the DLG Feldtage 2021. Different providers will fly, scan and analyse the same field and develop meaningful recommendations and area information for the farmer. 

To this end, we would like to bring the providers to a forum stage where they explain their approaches and systems. Companies can still register for this.

Contact for exhibitors: Dr. Klaus Erdle, +49 3471 6848412,