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FarmRobotix to premiere at the DLG Feldtage 2024

FarmRobotix is an international platform for state-of-the-art robot technologies, digital farming, automated processes and the most advanced AI algorithms to make tomorrow's crop production even more precise and resource-efficient. At the DLG Feldtage, you will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, learn about innovative technologies and network in an emerging industry that has the potential to change the future of agricultural practice.

Exhibition area with automated and digital solutions as well as sensor technology.

Daily presentation of robots on demo areas

Lectures by renowned experts

Expert talk with manufacturers

FieldRobot event with pioneering technologies

Exhibition area - Automated and digital solutions and sensor technologies

Highlights include autonomous carrier vehicles that are suitable for both conventional tillage technology and can be combined with camera-controlled and AI-based weed control technology.

State-of-the-art robot technologies will also be presented, for example for sowing and weed control in sugar beet cultivation.

Agricultural software products and steering systems for tractors will also be presented.

Robots live in action...

... during sowing, maintenance and harvesting.

Demo areas specifically designed for the application - stubble cultivation or mechanical weed control in different crops using camera-based artificial intelligence.

Do you have any questions? We will give you a customised product presentation and advice on the demo areas.

Specialist programme - from practical experience to legal framework conditions

Specialist presentations daily at 12:00 and 15:00 on the DLG Expert Stage.

Benefit from the expertise of international industry insiders and discuss current topics and trends in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence in agriculture with experts. Educate yourself with the high-calibre specialist presentations or use your new knowledge to optimally position your business for the future.

Expert Talk - Concentrated knowledge in a nutshell

During our Expert Talk on the DLG Expert Stage (DLG-Plaza), four manufacturers will give five-minute pitches on current robots and carrier vehicles in plant cultivation.

Technical specifications, manufacturer support and areas of application will be explained.

After the manufacturers' presentations, there will be an opportunity for discussion and sufficient time to answer your individual questions at the manufacturers' exhibition and demo areas.

FieldRobot event - robots in action

The Field Robot Event (FRE) is an annual competition in which international student teams compete with field robots to find the best solutions for agricultural processes. The aim of the competition is to test pioneering technologies in the field of robotics and precision farming and to give young scientists the opportunity to exchange ideas, form networks and further develop their ideas among international participants.