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Together for greater sustainability

Sustainable management is the guiding principle in the organization and implementation of the Meeting Point for Crop Farming Professionals. As the organizer of the DLG Feldtage, DLG focuses on climate-friendly, environmentally conscious, and resource-saving measures in collaboration with partners, exhibitors, and visitors. Three central focal points are emphasized: the dissemination of expertise, the conservation of resources, and the support of climate protection projects.

Three key areas for enhancing the sustainability of the DLG Feldtage

The technical programme

The theme of sustainability is reflected in the technical program and meeting points of the trade fair. Special attention is given to precise and resource-efficient crop production.

Sustainable thematic focuses are visible in many places. From machinery demonstrations for mechanical weed control or smart spraying, to row-based crop cultivation with reduced chemical plant protection and promotion of beneficial organisms and wild herbs in the field, or alternative crop cultivation methods including photovoltaics in the field. Additionally, visitors can expect exciting lectures and demonstrations as part of the new FarmRobotix special.

The crowning conclusion will be the sustainable themes of the "Value Chain Day" on Thursday, June 13, at the DLG Plaza in the heart of the DLG Feldtage.

Resource conservation

A significant portion of the waste generated during the event (94%) is directed to a recycling initiative. Residual waste and hazardous materials are disposed of properly in accordance with applicable regulations. As part of a pilot project, 50% of the toilets on the premises will be replaced with eco-toilets during this event.

In addition, complimentary shuttle services with minibusses are provided, transporting visitors from Lippstadt train station directly to the venue every 15 minutes from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. This measure aims to support a relaxed arrival using public transportation and thereby reduce environmental impact.

Climate protection projects

Through collaboration with WeReforest e.V., a nonprofit organization that supports forest owners in the transformation and establishment of climate-resilient, sustainable mixed forests, exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to reduce their ecological footprint.

More ways to act together

With 1 € per regularly sold visitor ticket and 0.50 € per regularly sold square meter of exhibition space at DLG Feldtage 2024, we support the WeReforest e.V.

Thanks to the collaboration with the non-profit organization WeReforest e.V., exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to actively support forest owners in Germany with proper reforestation of their forest areas. The goal is to establish climate-stable and sustainable mixed forests of deciduous and coniferous trees.


  • By making a voluntary donation, you can support CO²-reducing forestry projects in Germany and offset the climate and environmental impacts caused by participating in the exhibition, including travel and attendance.
  • Purchase Green Tickets (visitor tickets) through the EuroTier ticket shop. For each Green Ticket sold, one tree will be planted as part of the WeReforest e.V. projects. These trees will be planted locally, regionally, and transparently, directly in Germany.

Sustainability guide for exhibitors

The guide informs exhibitors about resource-saving measures in the planning and implementation of their trade fair presence.

  • Instruct your stand builder to install recyclable carpet or reusable carpet tiles on your tent floor.
  • Reduce stand construction materials wherever possible.
  • Use stand modules that are reusable or easily recyclable materials.
  • Check whether you can use packaging materials more than once.
  • Check whether upcycling of corporate clothing is possible.
  • Check whether it's possible to transport your machines under a cover rather than wrapped in film.
  • Organise the journey of your employees by bus shuttle
  • Use the new Green Voucher of our WeReforest project for your invitation management. At the same time, you are investing in climate-stable forest areas.
  • Include a link to the public transport timetable in your visitor invitation and refer to the free shuttle bus from Lippstadt railway station.
  • Use reusable dishes and cutlery.
  • Hire a caterer who uses regional and seasonal products.
  • Make sure you use regional service partners.
  • Plan for reusable decorating materials.
  • Replace cut flowers with potted plants.
  • Reduce your company's ecological footprint and support the diverse ecosystem services of our forests.

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