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Tickets & opening hours

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Opening hours
11 to 13 June 2024
Daily from 9am to 6pm

Important notes on ticket purchase:

We strongly recommend to purchase tickets online in advance to avoid long waiting times at the entrance.


The return of individual unused tickets is not possible.


DLG members have free admission on two days of the trade fair, starting with the second exclusive day. Further information on DLG membership can be found here.


Dogs are not allowed on the exhibition grounds.

Green Ticket

Together for more sustainability.

Help to actively shape living space now and make an effective and sustainable contribution to climate protection. With the surcharge of the Green Ticket compared to the regular ticket, we support the reforestation projects of WeReforest e.V., locally, regionally and comprehensibly directly in Germany. We pay the surcharge per ticket to the organisation, which corresponds to the average cost of planting a tree.

Find out more at WeReforest.

Day Tickets

The Day Tickets are valid for one day from 11 to 13 June 2024.

*The reduced Day Ticket is only valid in conjunction with a valid pupil, student, pensioner or disabled pass. This must be carried when entering the trade fair and shown on request.

** Children's Tickets can only be registered in conjunction with another ticket and are not available directly in the item selection. They can only be added at a later stage of registration.


Day Ticket: 20,00€

Green Day Ticket: 23,00€

Reduced Day Ticket*: 12,00€

Half Day Ticket, valid from 2 p.m.: 11,00€

Childrens Ticket** (up to and including 12 years): Free of charge

Day Ticket: 25,00€

Green Day Ticket: Only available online

Reduced Day Ticket*: 13,00€

Half Day Ticket, valid from 2 p.m.: 13,00€

Childrens Ticket** (up to and including 12 years): Free of charge

All prices incl. VAT.

Group Tickets

The Day Tickets are valid for one day from 11 to 13 June 2024.

Every visitor is required to register their own ticket. Registration for the ticket purchase is completed in just a few steps and serves to provide the e-ticket. The purchaser (group organiser) must therefore enter all the names and e-mail addresses of the group participants during the purchase process. After completing the purchase, the group participants will receive an e-mail with a registration link to register their ticket and then receive it as a PDF or mobile ticket.

Reduced day tickets for groups can only be ordered by schools / universities and only via the order form.


Only available online

Day Ticket for groups (from 20 tickets): 18,00€ 

Reduced Day Ticket for school/student groups (from 10 tickets): 8,00€

All prices incl. VAT.

DLG Members

DLG members have free admission on two freely selectable trade fair days.

The "DLG Membership 2024 including 2-day ticket" ticket includes DLG membership for the year 2024 and thus also free admission to EuroTier 2024. Further information on DLG membership can be found here.


Only available online

DLG Membership 2024 including 2-day ticket: 32,50€

All prices incl. VAT.

Ticket insurance

Would you like to insure your ticket?

We have taken out an admission ticket insurance policy for your benefit with ERGO Reiserversicherung AG as part of a group insurance contract. You can join this for only 1,49€, gross per person and ticket by taking out an admission ticket insurance. The insurance can only be taken out when ordering the ticket. Unfortunately, this is not possible at a later date. For details, please refer to the insurance conditions.

The advantages of ticket insurance

  • If, for example, you unexpectedly get seriously ill or have a serious accident and are unable to attend the trade show you will be refunded the full ticket price including fees.
  • If damage to your property prevents you from attending, you will be refunded your admission fee.
  • If you miss more than half of the exhibition day because a public transport is delayed by more than 2 hours, the ticket price will be refunded.