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Topic areas machinery demonstrations

  1. Weed control with harrows and hoes in cereals and maize

  2. Shallow soil tillage – from flat cultivators to stubble ploughs

  3. Multi-tank seed drills for combined seed sowing and fertiliser spreading

  4. Innovative technology for chemical crop protection

  5. High-tech mineral fertiliser spreaders – focus on performance and precision

  6. Technology for lifting, loading and filling on the field

    Please note that the starting places per topic are limited and we will allocate the slots after receiving your registration.

The following features are new:

  • All themes will be commented.
  • Live Arena for the themes of Crop production, Fertilisation & Sensors and Lifting / Loading Technology. For these themes, it will be possible for the first time to book a second machine at the stand.
  • Three DLG courses for the themes of drilling technology, shallow soil tillage and mechanical weed control, with the option of booking an individual demonstration area.

Details and specifications