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Outdoor advertising 2024

With our advertising measures, you can impressively showcase your brand at strategically important locations at the trade fair. This way you can attract even more visitors to your stand!

Book the offers directly via the Exhibitor Service Portal or if you have any suggestions, questions or requests, simply contact us: Kai-Uwe Busch will be very happy to assist you at any time. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT at the statutory rate.

Attention: The packages are subject to limited availability. Don't wait, make your reservation now!

Bild Parkplatz (copy 1)

Car park signs

Customers will see your logo on the 100 or so car park signs on their approach Limitation: 2 exhibitors from different product groups with their logo and stand number 

5,400 EUR

Bild Eingang (copy 1)

Entrance area

Two advertising banners, one at each entrance, offer an ideal opportunity for you to welcome visitors.

Dimensions: 3.50 m w x 1.76 m h Limitation: 6 exhibitors

2,700 EUR

Visitor tram

The tram follows a defined circuit over the grounds and your advertising message is always along on board! Limitation: 1 exhibitor exclusively on one tram (advertising signs on the roof, display of flyers, etc.), max. of two trams 

8,700 EUR

Bild Bahn (copy 1)


The distributed signposts with your logo and booth number throughout the entire venue will ensure guaranteed visibility to a large number of visitors. Limitation: 2 exhibitors from different product groups

4,300 EUR // Sold Out!

Bild Wegweiser (copy 1)

Bild Sanitär (copy 1)

Restroom facilities

Picture frames with your advertising will be hung in the toilet vans at four locations.

Dimensions: 405 mm w x 282 mm h

Limitation: 2 exhibitors, approx. 16 picture frames per exhibitor 

2,100 EUR

Bild Leinwand (copy 1)

Screen Live Arena

Your image clip will be presented on the live arena's projection screen before and after the machine demonstrations.

Format transmission screen: 16:9. Limitation: 2 exhibitors, clip max. 90 seconds.

2,900 EUR

Banners Live Arena

Three banners with your advertising message will be prominently placed at the three stands of the Live Arena.

Dimensions: 2.14 m w x 0.775 m h. Limitation: 4 exhibitors at 3 sites

3,900 EUR

Bild Banner (copy 1)

DLG Forum

Your large advertising banner will be located directly next to the Forum.

Dimensions: 3.50 m w x 1.76 m h

Limitation: 3 exhibitors, each 1 banner

1,900 EUR

Bild Forum (copy 1)

Bild Container (copy 1)

IBC Container

Water-filled IBC containers (1,000 litres) on a pallet are used on the DLG course for loaders. The IBCs are a particularly attractive, attention-grabbing advertising space, since they alternately take centre stage as moving elements.

Dimensions: 1.04 m w x 1.02 m h. Limitation: Exclusively for 3 exhibitors (course participants and loader manufacturers are excluded). Three fully wrapped IBC containers per exhibitor.

2,100 EUR

DLG Tent Hall

Draw attention to yourself already on the outside of the Tent Hall –your customers will then find you at once! Exclusively for exhibitors inside the Tent Hall.

Dimensions: 3.50 m w x 1.76 m h

Limitation: 3 exhibitors inside the Tent Hall –2 banners each

2,700 EUR

Bild Zelthalle (copy 1)

We're looking forward to receiving your suggestions, questions and reservations:

Kai-Uwe Busch
+49 (0) 69/ 24788-483

As at February 2024, subject to alterations.